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Waynedale Masonic Lodge #739 F&AM


Tidings from the East

Sunday, October 14, 2018


First, let me say a big thank you to our work crew from Saturday (Brothers Don, Dave, Chris, Charles, Brian and Candidate Andrew).

Second, thank you to Past Master's Matt and AL McClelland for inviting us to see a joint Master Mason degree presented at Ira Beck Lodge #503 in Battle Creek, Michigan by Speedway Lodge #500.  It was a great crowd and the candidate for the degree was an Eagle Scout given the degree by Both his Scout Master and his father and his older Brother! Third, let me invite you all to the special EA degree this Wednesday the 17th starting a 7pm we have for Candidate Andrew Eiler whose father JW Brian will be presiding.  It is so powerful to witness fathers passing on a Masonic legacy to their Sons, please join us in making this a night Andrew will never forget.

Fourth, our Lodge of Instruction will be this Friday the 19th starting at 6pm for our meal and 7pm for our Lodge with Deming #88 in North Manchester.  It looks like we will be short one officer, so if there is any member who could be available to fill in please let us know via e-mail or Wednesday following the degree.

Fifth, we are looking forward to Brother Shawn Skeel's Master Mason Degree in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 27th at 11 am. All Brothers are invited to attend, although, the trip will be a long one if taken by road.  A report on this fascinating event will be given for our Masonic Education for any who cannot attend.

Sixth, we have two more lodge visits on Monday, November 5th for Warsaw Lodge and tentatively for Tuesday, November 6th, at Bluffton Lodge.

Please enjoy the picture of the model of King Solomon's Temple from Ira Beck Lodge #503 Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Justin Pose, WM