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Waynedale Masonic Lodge #739 F&AM


Tidings from the East

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Two small announcements first,  there will be no Executive Committee on November 7th, business will take place in the stated meeting. We also need two brothers on Tuesday night who could visit Bluffton Lodge.

What a memorable Autumn we have had so far.  Autumn is not the season of renewal, but it has proven so for our lodge.  On the subject of Brotherly Love. Many of you know that we have had a remarkable young man in our midst for a while.  Andrew Eiler has been lending his support to the lodge for 3 years at least.  In the kitchen he has impressed all of us with his work ethic, intelligence, and good humor.  He has demonstrated our tenets in his life and it was a true pleasure to share them officially with him as he is our newest Entered Apprentice.  Welcome Brother Andrew!

Our newest Master Mason also has an impressive story.  Brother Shawn quickly impressed all with his curiosity, commitment, and dedication to going through his Masonic journey the right way.  I improved as a Mason by some of the words he has shared with me this year.  His patience extended to waiting for his Degree until the perfect time.  That time was October 27th at Jenks Lodge near Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team was such a terrific welcoming bunch of Brothers.  It felt like home being there and Brothers Shawn we who were in attendance were all impressed by you.

If you have not been to lodge in a while I do hope you will come.  Brothers Charles, Todd, Chris, Christian, Shawn, David, and Andrew are just amazing guys whose enthusiasm and personalities are infectious.  They have all joined this year and have made such an impact in their efforts.

Speaking of efforts I will just echo what the Senior Warden said earlier.  The guys who stepped up for the months Breakfast wow!  We had a reporter from the Waynedale news come and he was so easy to talk to because I just told him so of the incredible stuff you all do.  It is noticed and needed in this world!  I think we a really providing Relief to some of the people who come to our breakfast who would be less connected without that welcoming place once a month.

For Truth, we could not do anything for the other two without the sacrifice of our Veterans.  Please consider coming to Lodge and honoring our veterans on Veterans Day.  Sunday, November 11th with a ceremony at 11am, a Chili Meal at 11:30, and then our Flag Retirements from 12 until 2pm.  I don't know that their is any adequate way to express gratitude to them, but for us to just do our best to remember, say thank you, and perform acts of service by taking care of the flag that they fought for.  

In a more local sense, that is what we will do when we honor our Masonic Widows and Past Masters on Thursday, December 15th gathering at 6pm and eating a meal at 6:30pm.  We will remember, say thank you, and also perform a small service of cooking a meal.This is for any Brother to attend who wants to learn more about our lodge or to do those things just listed.

If you have made it to the bottom of the page I hope you enjoy the photos I have attached.  I am proud of you and this lodge.  I am lucky to be your Worshipful Master. May the Grand Architect bless you and keep you safe.


Justin Pose, WM