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Tidings from the East

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Tidings from the East,


I can not thank all of you who helped pull off our Scottish Rite night and made such a successful and memorable event.  Thank you PSGC Ill. Brother J.W. McNaughton  it was a pleasure to meet you and learn from you. Thank you to Brother Ron and Brother Jake, Brother Bob, and all of the many Brothers who helped serve the food and clean up the mess! Big thanks to the extended Pose family and our Job's Daughters for the meal.

Those of you who know me, know how privileged and proud I am to represent this Lodge as it's Master.  You make it easy to be proud, positive, and enthusiastic to want to share everything that makes Waynedale special with the wider fraternity.  I think we accomplished that on Wednesday night.  We had 5 Brothers of our lodge take the 4th Degree which brings Fort Wayne's total to 63 candidates for the 32nd  degree in Indianapolis on November 17th. We had 41 brothers in attendance from several different lodges and, importantly, several members of our own lodge who had a chance to reconnect.

 One brother in attendance expressed it well to me in writing which I asked to share;

"Maumee folding was a pretty tough thing for me. Most of the guys there had been around our family... It was a HUGE nostalgic loss as you can imagine. Some of my best memories as a Mason came during my time as an officer there and the friendships that were made. 

 Long story short, I felt a piece of home last night and that was huge. I truly just wanted to say thanks.."

I think this is exactly what we would think if the same ever happened to Waynedale.  It is up to all of us to see that it doesn't by continually reaching out to all of our now 450 Brothers in both familiar and new ways. Harmony and cooperation among all Masons is a strength and support to us.

This week at your lodge will be an opportunity for anyone interested in learning about Master Mason Degree parts to come and study.  It will be tailored to the needs of those in attendance.

An additional e-mail will arrive this week outlining our other important upcoming events.

Warmest Fraternal Thoughts,

Justin Pose, WM