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Trestle Board

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Trestle Board

Greetings Brethren!

This was a busy week. Tuesday was our Job’s Daughters stated meeting, Wednesday several of your officers (myself included) were inducted into the Mizpah Shrine, Thursday we held a practice for the Entered Apprentice degree, and Saturday we celebrated the Indiana Grand Lodge Founders’ Day in Indianapolis. I’ve included a little summary for each event below to hopefully help you all feel a bit more connected. :)

Summary: Job’s Daughters stated meeting

Honored Queen Keely Roe shared with us their calendar of events for the first half of 2020 and invited us to attend a very special day for them: “Honor Masons Night”, which will be on Tuesday February 4th, 2020 at 7:00pm (the day prior to our February stated meeting). They are really, really hoping we can come so they can express their gratitude for our continued support of their Bethel. I’ll certainly be there, and I would encourage as many Brothers as can afford the time to come join me in visiting with them that evening. It’s a very cool experience, and for those of us typically in an officer’s chair, it’s a nice change of pace to be on the sidelines. :)

Along with their other events, we also discussed joining with them in some of their fun events, like mini golf and their Dinner and a Movie night on March 6th (Tobin Bradley is cooking…. ‘nuf said). I’ll gather more information on dates/times/venues and share it here in a future Waynedale Trestle Board.

Summary: Mizpah Shrine stated meeting

On Wednesday, Brothers Andy Fracica, James Fracica, Dave Shaw, and I were inducted into the Mizpah Shrine. During the stated meeting we picked up a couple signs to advertise the Mizpah Shrine Circus and posted them in the front yard of the Lodge. Ticket sales are down substantially this year, so every little bit of advertising helps. I’ve included the dates and web link below in our upcoming events section of the Waynedale Trestle Board.

Summary: Waynedale Lodge EA practice

On Thursday we met for an Entered Apprentice degree practice, which was very well attended. Well done JW Christian Skordos and team on your preparation and proficiency! :)

Summary: INGL Founders’ Day

Saturday I and 8 other Brothers from Waynedale attended the IN Grand Lodge Founders’ Day celebration at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis. The theme of the day was a memorial to all veterans and first responders, and the Grand Line officers put on a nice skit relating to the Masons who have served in the military and several who have been awarded the Medal of Honor. Announcements were made regarding the social media policy and the gaming policy (for Raffles). You can find more information on both of these policies in the Resources section of the Membership Portal.Remember, to check our Lodge calendar for upcoming events.


Brian Eiler

Worshipful Master

Waynedale #739 F&AM

Fort Wayne, IN