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The Ground Floor (from the Grand Lodge Site)

If you are not familiar with the Masons please stay a few minutes and learn of this great fraternity. It is a fraternity with a serious purpose. By improving the individual we hope to improve our communities and thus the world. We suggest looking through the pages listed below, as well as the rest of this website, for more information that may be of interest to you. Please email us if you have more questions.

Freemasonry is not a stuffy secret club for old guys. Freemasonry is relevant and needed in a world desperate for organizations dedicated to serving humanity and local communities, honorable living, tolerance, moderation, self-reliance, equality, and liberty. In addition to basic "Craft" Masonry, there are Appendant groups for men only, women only, men and women together, and teenagers.

Freemasons unite with each other and their families in bonds of friendship and mutual assistance. A mutual tie that in this world is greatly needed.

It is not the intent of Freemasonry to replace or alter anyone's religious convictions. Rather Freemasons believe that all people are children of God. As such we should find common ground in order to serve God's children. Each person has a right to worship God as their conscience dictates. Freemasonry does not replace a person's religious affiliation or activity. A person should look to their house of worship for salvation. Therefore a Mason's Lodge is not a church, but a meeting place for people of common interests to gather together and work in unity.


Download a Petition


Contact a Mason to give the petition to

Rob Jackson IV PM  260 433-6952

Waynedale Lodge #739

Your petition is only accepted with the entry fee.


Investigation Committee

Once your petition is read in an open meeting it is referred to an investigating committee.  You will be contacted by members of the lodge and asked several questions.  This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions.

Voting on a petitioner

The investigating committee will report their findings and then the lodge will vote.  This vote is by secret ballot and done in a stated meeting.  One negative vote, and the petitioner is rejected.  If a petitioner is rejected, the entry fee is returned.  The reasons for rejection are not revealed and is a masonic offense to do so.

First Degree

A petitioner that is voted on and accepted to take the degree of Masonry is contacted by the lodge, and a date is arranged to meet and go through an orientation.  On the second Wednesday the Entered Apprentice Degree (the first degree in Freemasonry).

Second & Third Degree

The second and third degrees are the Fellowcraft and Master Mason Degrees.  These degrees are performed on members who are found proficient on the preceding degrees.

The steps on becoming a Master Mason are very enlightening and every Freemason has a different story to tell, on when they became a Master Mason.


Become a Freemason

Indiana there are over 5000 Freemasons

United stated 1.5 Million Freemasons


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