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How to Become a Freemason

Your involvement in Freemasonry starts with simply asking to be considered for membership, and filling out a petition. Our fraternity is open to responsible adult men (18 and above), of good character, with a belief in a Supreme Being, and without regard to religion, race, income, education, or political opinion.

We encourage you to join us at Waynedale for dinner on the night of our stated meeting (the first Wednesday of the month) and meet our members. Next step if you want to join us is to complete a membership petition and submit it to us with an initiation fee of $150.00 along with completing an online background check.


Generally, if you submit your petition before the stated meeting, we will read your petition at the upcoming meeting in open lodge, and we will assign an investigation committee. During the following month you will be contacted by three members of our lodge to setup an interview. Use this opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Your spouse, friend, or parent is also encouraged to attend this interview. During this process, we will also contact the references that you have provided. We will ask the general questions about you, so we can better get to know you.

At the next stated lodge meeting (a month after reading your petition) the investigation committee will announce their recommendations and then the lodge will vote on whether to accept or reject your petition. Regardless of whether or not your petition is approved, we will contact you that night and tell you how the vote went. You will then be on your way to becoming an Indiana Freemason. The person who signed your petition will contact you and explain the next steps to you.

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