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The Ensuing Years

In the ensuing years, the brethren further embellished and furnished the Temple. They were greatly aided by the contribution of Waynedale Bethel No. 128, Job’s Daughters (chartered 1964) and Waynedale Chapter No. 600 Order of the Eastern Star (chartered 1970). The “Stars” have furnished the lovely kitchen we enjoy today including the appliances, tableware, silverware and cooking utensils. Thanks to the generosity of this organization, we can serve any size meal with a great deal of pride.


Through the donations of loyal brethren, the Temple indebtedness was reduced to $5,500 in July 1976, with hope to retire that debt within the next year. This desire was postponed due to a street assessment in 1977, however, in June of 1978 this did become a reality and a mortgage burning ceremony was held.


In August 1984 the Lodge had to raise the dues, in order to cover rising costs of utilities, Grand Lodge assessment and maintenance of the Temple.


In 1986, while Robert E. Leech was WM, we installed a tapered secondary roof, which has rubberized coating, to alleviate the problem of our leaking flat root. The insulating and covering of the exterior lobby walls was started in 1986 and completed in 1987. Also in 1986, the Eastern Stars purchased a new piano for the lodge.


The large parking lot was resurfaced and striped in 1987. The heating and air conditioning was repaired at a fraction of the commercial cost, thanks to dedicated brethren. Ceiling fans were installed in the lodge room, social room and lobby, insulation and drywall was placed on the walls of the Lodge room and new ceiling tile put in throughout the lodge.


The outside of the lodge was completely painted and the masonry work retucked in 1988 while Ernest K. Statler was WM.


In 1989, Douglas P. Ensch WM, appointed a committee headed by Fredrick O. Bledsoe, Sr., to purchase and install a large hood over the range in the kitchen.


Fredrick O. Bledsoe, Sr., WM, in 1990, obtained the materials and constructed a gate for the entrance of the parking lot and it was installed with the aid of a few brethren.


Emergency lighting was purchased for the Lodge in 1991.

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